Mazda Bongo Lost Keys

Mazda Bongo lost keysWe were called by a customer who had a Mazda Bongo lost keys in North Wales.
The local garage said they would have to change the locks and it would take weeks.
The customer called us and we went to her rescue and made new keys the same day and the
customer was able to enjoy the rest of their adventure.

Toyota Hilux Keys

A recent request for us to supply replacement Toyota Hilux keys at the Port of Holyhead highlighted the advantage of using an independent auto locksmith instead of going to the Toyota dealer.

The customer was told by Toyota that they would need a new lockset, immobiliser and ECU with a cost of just under £2000.
We were able to replace the lost key with two new genuine Toyota remote keys and have the vehicle running again for less than half of the dealers quotation. And we did the work on site at the vehicle, so the vehicle did not need to be taken to the Toyota garage.replacement toyota keys

Jaguar Keys Locked in Boot

auto locksmith OswestryWe attended a Jaguar XF with keys locked in the boot. On arrival, the car was quickly unlocked but the boot remained shut. We tried to drop the rear seats but this was only possible from in the boot.
How to unlock the boot? The answer was that there is a concealed keyway just above the number plate, though it was too narrow for a regular key. We were able to decode the doorlock and then cut a remote key blade which would fit in the small space and then we were able to open the boot.
Jaguar XF owners. It’s so easy to lock keys in the boot, even though Jaguar claim it’s impossible.
If you have keys locked in a Jaguar, call us and we will come and get you in.
Once again, the location was an area of Natural beauty, at Pistyll Rhaeadr The highest waterfall in Wales. Well worth a visit

Truck Keys North Wales

Truck and Van Keys

We now offer a range of truck and van keys throughout the North Wales area.
We come to you and install replacement truck and van keys at your location.
We aim to offer a priority same day service to keep you up and running with minimum delay.

Auto Locksmith North Wales

A very busy Summer helping visitors and residents with lost and broken car keys, keys locked in vehicles and other car key problems. Now as the Summer is ending and the visitors have gone home, we are still open, evenings and weekends to help if you have lost car keys, broken keys and all other auto locksmith work.

Auto Locksmith at Portmeirion Festival No 6 – Call 07966 515164

Called out to festival No6 by a customer who had locked keys inside the car and while we were there
we helped another customer who had lost car keys at Festival No6 music festival  where we made replacement car keys to get the customer back on the road.
Our emergency mobile auto locksmith will be around all weekend at Portmeirion music festival to help with lost car keys and keys locked in the car.
Our emergency auto locksmith number is: 07966515164



Mercedes Keys Locked in Boot – Auto Locksmith in Colwyn

keys locked in carWe were in Colwyn today to unlock the boot of a Mercedes with keys locked in boot.
The battery had gone flat and the boot was locked. We had to unlock the boot because the battery is in the boot and so we picked the boot lock open using specialised Mercedes lock picks to nlock the boot and get the keys out.
If you have keys locked in car or keys locked in boot. Call us 07966515164mercedes keys head

We are not an agency -We are auto locksmiths in North Wales

We are genuine auto locksmiths who cover the North Wales coast, Snowdonia and surrounding areas.
There are companies advertising locally who are based in London and are basically just advertising companies who charge you a premium price while sending out a local auto locksmith who would have done your job for half the price.

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