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The isle of Anglesey is a popular resort for holidays, days out and outdoor pursuits it host many miles of varying coast line with long sandy beaches and wild rocky cliffs and shores. Popular with both land based and water sport enthusiasts who visit Anglesey throughout the year.
We are sometimes called to visitors and residents of Anglesey who require a auto locksmith to replace lost car keys, repair broken car keys or open car with keys locked inside or keys locked in boot.
As the main auto locksmith and car locksmith service covering the Welsh coast and Anglesey, we have found ourselves assisting many customers, even being called out to the set of a TV soap to unlock a Volkswagen that was locked with the keys in the ignition, also visiting some of the more remote locations around Anglesey.

Our advice; if you are adventuring around Anglesey, ensure that you keep your keys in a safe place and check your keys are still there throughout your stay. By checking your keys regularly throughout your stay, you have a better chance of finding them if you have lost car keys.
Another tip is to leave a spare key inside the car where it can’t be seen, then if you lose the keys to the car or van, it is a cheaper and more simple task for a auto locksmith to open the car and recover your spare keys from the safety of your vehicle.

Did you know? Anglesey is rich in prehistoric remains. The first evidence of humans on the island comes from the Mesolithic period, about 7000 BC. Throughout the next several millennia, the various tribes that occupied Anglesey erected numerous stone burial chambers, standing stones, and hill forts, many of which have survived the centurys and are in good condition and can be seen and visited today